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Who is the compensation course for?
  • The Compensation Course teaches you the negotiating strategies you need so you can create the NP career of your dreams.
  • The Compensation Course gives you the tools they don't you teach in NP school to get confident with discussing your total compensation package in job negotiations or contract renegotiations. 
  • It will prepare you to negotiate your time so you won’t burn out in your first (or next) role as a Nurse Practitioner.
  • It will help you get the merit-based raise and respect you deserve. 
  • When women don’t ask, we don’t get. The course will help you turn those butterflies into a poker face. 

Build the career you always dreamed of
  • Negotiating your salary and total compensation package helps you set the terms of your work life, which helps set the stage for your entire life
  • It's about the money AND about the support you need to thrive. 
  • Burnout in healthcare is real. The skill of negotiation will ensure that experience never knocks on your door. 
  • Negotiating will help you set priorities and expectations to help you craft the life you want. 

Students are negotiating amazing compensation packages

Over $2 million in collective salary
negotiated by Nurse Practitioners

It's time to start negotiating to get what you deserve